The beating heart of Ancoats

The final piece in the Ancoats jigsaw

Thanks to the sheer determination of the people of Ancoats and key project partners, the Grade II listed Ardwick & Ancoats Dispensary building was saved from demolition in 2011 and is now the focus of an ambitious redevelopment project.

About the new building design

Victorian gothic meets contemporary modern

The building has lasted incredibly well, a testament to both the integrity of its design and the quality of the building materials with which it was constructed in 1874. Since 1988, when the NHS left and it finally closed, the building has gradually fallen into disrepair; its current condition is quite precarious, hence the extensive scaffolding around the remaining structure.

Restoring The Dispensary to provide the community of Ancoats with a unique, self-sustaining model asset is a huge challenge. Purcell UK, who have worked on a wealth of building restoration projects, have created a brave and sympathetic solution, one that includes a contemporary space suitable for 21st century occupiers. The building’s iconic four storey tower will undergo full restoration.

Making our £5m vision a reality

Why we need your help to fund this project

Fundraising for a project with this level of building complexity requires a fundraising strategy that manages each stage in bite-size chunks. We also recognise that some funders and supporters may be attracted to specific aspects of the project, which is why we’ve segregated the funding programme into the following key stages:
1. Make it Safe – focus on enabling access for surveys etc.
2. Make it Watertight – new roof, windows and doors; protect it from the elements.
3. Make it Warm – heating and insulation.
4. Make it Shine – focus on the distinct conservation elements; the heritage aspects that are more about conserving the important architectural features, including the tower.
5. Make it Work – this is about the mechanical, electrical and building services elements of the building; cabling, electrics, lighting, energy efficiency.
6. Make it Resourceful – this is the social programming element and building uses – making sure the new Dispensary is a living, breathing, vibrant and relevant community resource.

Want to know more about the big picture?

Take a look at our new business plan. This is a summary version of our bigger 75 page version which sets out our vision for making the Dispensary a commercially sustainable reality when it opens in early 2020. The full version is available on request. Simply get in touch.
Download our business plan

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We need your help right now

We are currently fundraising to raise our match target of £820,254.

Securing this money will enable us to move to the next stage of the project’s development. If you are able to support us or would like to meet to discuss the project in more detail, please email us at, or call us on:

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